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Beach Yoga

Adult Ballet & Wellness

Inhale confidence, exhale stress...

We offer a variety of adult classes: Adult Ballet, Stretching & Social Ballroom geared towards ALL levels - beginners are welcome in all of our classes! Engage all your muscles, improve your flexibility, learn basic ballet combinations, transform yourself. Happy body, happy life! 

Additional Information:

  • First Class is on us!

  • Attire: leotard, tights or tshirt & leggings

  • We recommend to have long hair up in a bun

  • New Students: please arrive 5 mins prior to the class to fill out the paperwork

  • Annual registration is $35, required prior to the 2nd class



Adult Dance classes require a prepaid punch card* for all of the following classes:

Adult Ballet, Stretching & Social Ballroom.


1 Class Drop-in Rate $30 

10 Class Card $200 

20 Class Card $380 

*The punch card will expire after 30 days from the date of purchase.

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Adult Ballet

Maybe you took dance classes when you were younger; maybe you never have and are thinking about starting as a total beginner. No matter who you are, you don’t have to be a professional ballerina to reap benefits from adult ballet classes!  Our Adult Ballet class focuses on exercises, techniques and steps of classical ballet with an emphasis on terminology and correct body alignment. Develops an aesthetic awareness of the art of classical ballet. Includes a warm-up at the barre with center floor work and combinations.

Lady's DanceShape

Lady's DanceShape is a unique dance fitness program designed for women only. Our program is unusual and one of a kind as it is focused on a woman as a person - unique and inimitable! Who is a woman, what does she want, what does she dream about? Each of us will have our own answer to this question, but we all have something in common. We dream, we want to accept ourselves, we want to smile and have fun! This is the perfect moment to dive into dance! Our program helps every woman to rediscover her potential through the sensuality of body language. With the help of our simple dance moves, everyone will be able to light a spark within themselves, give an outlet to emotions and passions that are patiently waiting for this moment.


Below are some of the key-points of the transformation:

  • You will revive self-love and self-confidence starting from your own body;

  • You will experience a surge of vivacity and inspiration;

  • You will be more aware of the reveal of your femininity and sensitivity;

  • You will have a fun experience of how simple steps & combination can make the mood of your day happier;

Such inventory may be used for certain choreographies, as fans, long skirts, chairs, hats etc.

Fall in love with yourself! Try our Lady's DanceShape!

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