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Ballroom Academy

Ballroom dancing is a wonderful sport that emphasizes beauty, aesthetics, and physical fitness, engaging all muscle groups and enhancing perception and cognition levels.


Children participate in competitions and showcase performances, working towards their goals with the support of parents and teachers. They not only learn to dance, control their bodies, and appreciate music but also build friendships, teamwork skills, and achieve results. Want to give your child the opportunity to shine as a bright star?

The curriculum at WDA has been developed by our Top Ballroom Professionals: Yevhenii Stetsenko  & Yana Moseichuk, Silver medalists at the Ukrainian Open Championship 2019, they are finalists of the International Ballroom Dance Championship YDC 2017 in China, USA Dance National Crowing Championship 2023, Finalists of Vilnius Dance Festival 2021, winners and finalists of the Ukrainian Open Championships, Starlight “Grand Prix” Cup and numerous Ukrainian and International prestigious competitions. They are also the Semi-finalists of the «Ukraine's Got Talent»! “By working with our dancers and using the training methods, we become a participant in the fulfillment of a student’s, or maybe already an athlete’s dream and help to achieve the desired goals. We try to open to students new sensations in their body through dance and music.” (Yevhenii & Yana) Combined, our instructors have developed a unique and challenging progressive curriculum that is supplemented with additional opportunities to learn during hand selected Master Classes throughout the year.


 The Academy is separated into different levels: Baby Ballroom, Petite Ballroom I, Petite Ballroom II, Junior 1 & 2.

We offer Group Classes and Private Lessons for all ages. 

Students are carefully placed into each level according to their skill level and experience - not by age. Placements are determined exclusively by the Artistic Director. ​ With world-renowned professional teachers in-house, we guarantee a world-class quality instruction and learning experience.​ Whether you seek the best  training for competition, or long-term investment in your dancing development - We Dance Academies ballroom program is for you!

The Sky is the Limit!

Ballroom dancing is both a sport and an art. It combines aesthetics and athleticism, earning descriptors like “beautiful,” “profound,” and “incredible.” Yet, it remains a sport – rigorous, demanding, and multitasking. Great achievements in sports are impossible without daily dedication, a deep understanding of your ultimate goal, respect for the craft and the team, self-discipline, and a burning desire.


Methods, faculty, top-level mentors, group classes, private lessons, self-practice, and guidance from the teachers, regular competitions attendance, analysis, and more – all of this is included into the definition of the DanceSport. We’ve fallen in love with it long ago, and with each passing day, our passion only grows.

Therefore, we’re thrilled to introduce your child to the world of ballroom dance and help them shine as a star on the dance floor!


When it comes to commercial opportunities, our students can excel not only in the realm of sports but also captivate audiences with breathtaking showcase performances. The spectrum of self-realization is boundless! From participating in dance shows like ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ ‘World of Dance,’ and more, one student may thrive in the sporting arena, while another can mesmerize the audience with their creative expression. The potential for self-fulfillment knows no bounds!


Baby Ballroom

This 45 minute class is designed for 3 to 7 year old boys and girls as a precursor to Ballroom programs.

Students in this level do not need to have any previous dance experience.

BENEFITS: In the Baby Ballroom group, we foster a fun and creative environment to instill a love for dance culture in children. Our classes improve their sense of rhythm, balance, and coordination. Baby Ballroom involves musical games where kids learn to move to the music, recognize rhythmic patterns, develop musical ear, and grasp the basics of dance, contributing to their overall physical and mental development (concentration, attention, perception, thinking, memory, and emotional balance). Children learn to control their bodies, enhance spatial awareness, and improve coordination. 


STRUCTURE: Classes include a warm up, stretching, introductory basic technique, multiple routines designed to improve coordination, balance, rhythm, musical phrasing, counting, self-confidence, muscle isolation, partnering and development, taking turns and following directions. Students will be exposed to multiple movements and musical styles. Students also learn simple choreography that they will have the opportunity to perform for family and friends at year's end. Classes occasionally include age appropriate dance based "games" to give our youngest students a chance to rest and have fun before the  next combination is taught. Interactive dance activities designed to help young children learn socialization and to reinforce the lessons are also an important part of our classes.


WDA's students are also given multiple performance opportunities through competitions, annual dance recitals and events. 


Petite Ballroom I (ages 6-8) & Petite Ballroom II (ages 7-9)

Petite Ballroom I. We believe that every child has the grace and elegance of a ballroom dancer within them waiting to be developed. Students are introduced to basic movements and figures of the Samba, Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Jive, Slow Waltz, and Tango. They learn how to dance with a partner as both the leader and the follower. Each class includes a 10 to 15 minute warm up and dance interaction designed to create a fun and positive environment for students while also teaching the important technical aspects of Latin American and Standard dancing.

Petite Ballroom II. This 60-min class is designed to teach students to latin and standard basic and intermediate dance figures of Bronze and Silver levels with or without dance partner.  Students will work on complex rhythms, body weight control, frame and top line, improve overall musicality and body control. Every class includes a 10 minute warm up and practice sessions that review and advance the material learned in the previous class. Instruction is geared towards competition and performance. 


Junior I Ballroom, Ages 8+ & Junior II Ballroom, Ages 10+

BENEFITS: We help our students understand the deeper aspects of ballroom dancing, such as styles, technique, and mechanics. This helps them grasp the fundamental principles and concepts of dance at a more professional level. Group classes focus on detailed work on basic figures, enabling children to better interpret music through their dance movements. Additionally, we address self-expression, emotional expression, and stress management during performances.


Junior I. This 60-min class is designed to teach students to latin and standard basic dances and figures of Silver, Gold & Open levels with or without dance partner.  Every class includes a 10 minute warm up and practice sessions that review and advance the material learned in the previous class. Instruction is geared towards competition and performance. 


Junior II. Students will concentrate on complex choreography, understanding of the proper connection (lead & follow), musicality & quality of technical execution. They will build strength, coordination,  and technique while improving the advanced steps and figures, including Open Gold and Open Routines. Students will be working on the Dances required for the dancesport competitions. Such styles as Salsa, Bachata, Lindy-Hop, Charleston may be included into the showcases, required for the studio and competition events. 


Competitors Class

This class is open for all ages competitors that work at the group and private lessons towards the results in dancesport industry. 

This 2-hours class is a guided practice session, attentively lead by our dance teachers.

Students will go over the competitive environment simulation, perform rounds and finals, as well as perfection and execute patterns and combinations aimed to improve the quality of performance. 


Competitors Class offers numerous benefits for the students development:


• Social Skills: Children learn to work as a team, establish contact with their partners, and adhere to dance etiquette, enhancing their communication skills.

• Discipline and Persistence: Dance requires constant practice and perseverance. Children learn to set goals and achieve them.

• Physical Development: Ballroom dancing demands good physical fitness, flexibility, and coordination, strengthening muscles, improving endurance, and posture.

• Aesthetic Taste: Children develop their taste and appreciation for art through the study of music and choreography.

• Self-Expression: Dance allows children to express their feelings and emotions through movement and music.

• Self-Confidence: Success in dance can boost self-esteem and self-confidence.

• Team Spirit: Learning to dance in a group fosters cooperation and understanding.

• Performance Experience: Dancing in competitions or concerts provides valuable experience in performing in front of an audience, enhancing public speaking skills.

Overall, ballroom competitors class not only contributes to physical development but also instills crucial life skills, promoting emotional and social growth.

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