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WDA Mommy & Me class is perfect for you and your growing baby! 

Moms, Dads and other caregivers are all encouraged to participate with your little one.  Children are encouraged to participate as they show interest, and music, motion, games and songs are incorporated into the practice to keep them engaged.  As you know, young children are unpredictable- and so will be the flow of the class, following the needs of our children. 


The following guidelines are offered to help you know if the class is right for you and your child:

• Geared for ages 6 months and up to 3 years old

• Have two or more children?  Feel free to bring all of them! Cost is per parent, not per child.

• All necessary Props and Mats will be provided by WDA 

       • Caregiver will benefit from these classes through a combination of Yoga, Pilates and core

        • Parents are also encouraged to take time for themselves and may prefer to try our Adult Wellness and Social Ballroom classes.

List of benefits for the babies:

- Babies begin to develop communication skills

- Toddlers learn to play with other children

- Children learn to use all of their senses 

- Enhances the bond with your baby

- Enhances mobility and independence 

- Increases confidence and social awareness 

- Provides sensory stimulation

First Trial is Free! Sign Up today! 


Every Tuesday at 10:00am to 10:45am*/Starting August 3rd!


How much?

$60 per month for 1 class a week. 


We Dance Academies, Viera location. 

7640 N Wickham Rd unit 114, Melbourne, FL 32940

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