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Welcome to We Dance Academies...
The sky is the limit!

Our brand new studio was designed with safety and performance in mind. Our students not only get to enjoy intensive dance sessions but also immerse themselves in the rich variety of infrastructure that this beautiful corner offers. From upscale restaurants to cozy cafes, from captivating beaches to endless views of the bay with yachts – there’s something here for everyone’s taste. Our instructional sessions take place in a spacious dance studios, with windows that unveil a unique and inspiring view of the bay. It’s a place where movement and elegance blend with picturesque scenery,creating an atmosphere conducive to creativity and development. Our students are able to dive into a world of dance, inspiration, and natural beauty all in one place. Our floors rest on a system of high density foam, designed to absorb shock and protect our student's still developing bodies. Ouriung our floors with only the highest quality materials ensures that your child is learning in a safe and appropriate environment. Students learn best when they have the proper tools to work with. Parents can rest assured that the health of your child is our first priority. We provide a healthy environment for your dancers to learn, develop their artistry, and reach their individual potential for many years to come.

Things You Will Find At We Dance Academies:

  • A clean, well presented dance studio

  • Spaces that fit dance training requirements

  • Fun & Friendly Staff

  • Amazing view on the bay from the dance studio

  • Climate control

  • Dressing room 

  • A television to view the classes

  • Dancewear boutique

  • Spacious waiting area

We Dance Academies 

777 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019

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