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Your first wedding dance is more than just a dance: our classes offer a beautiful experience, and the chance to make memories with your new spouse that will last a lifetime. Show your love for each other in those first steps you take as husband and wife during your wedding dance. 


WDA can tailor fit a routine to your chosen wedding song or can help to choose a song and dance style that will establish forever your wedding dance in memory. We also offer group instruction for the wedding party, father-daughter and mother-son dances. We know how hard and expensive it is to plan a wedding, we will work with your budget, with your time frame, and your theme to make your big day even more special!


How many lessons will it take?

In 2 lessons 

You will learn basic dance moves and will be able to execute a dance (with or without partner, depending on the concept of the performance).

In 4 lessons

You will learn a choreography and will be able to perform gracefully a dance (with or without partner, depending on the concept of the performance).

In 6 lessons 

You will learn a custom made choreography of 1 or several dance styles and will stand out on the floor with confidence and grace (with or without partner, depending on the concept of the performance).

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First Dance Choreography 

The most popular styles of wedding dances have certainly been and still are slow dances and wedding waltz. But, nevertheless, more energetic dances, fun or even in a mixed style, also find a lot of their fans. Whatever style of dance you choose for a wedding, in any case it will be simply fantastically beautiful and effective, thanks to the skill and colossal experience of our wedding choreographers. And if you still doubt which style to choose, it’s not a problem at all: we will help you choose the one that suits you best, the style of your wedding and matches your musical preferences.


Groom’s/Bride’s Friends Dance

What an unforgettable gift for the bride/groom!

Great mood is guaranteed for all guests for the rest of the evening.

  • A real show that will surprise everyone present

  • You will be able to really ignite in the company of your best friends

  • A great occasion to have fun and interesting time with friends in the process of preparing a dance

Dance with Mother/Father 


Songs can be corny ("Sunrise, Sunset") or heartfelt ("You Raise Me Up") but nothing expresses the sentiment of the moment more than the joy on Mom's face as she takes a spin around the dance floor with her son.



It may be the first time the father and bride have shared formal dance together. But no matter-the whole "Daddy's little girl" vibe will prevail and guests will need a tissue or two.


​Parents‘s Dance

It will be a wonderful and very touching wedding gift for newlyweds.

An opportunity to remember your early years, refresh your senses and enjoy dancing with your loved one.

New emotions and a great way to escape from everyday worries at dance rehearsals.

A wonderful example for future newlyweds of your strong and uncontrollable feelings.

Will delight relatives and friends who can enjoy your beautiful dance.


Line Dances

Group dances will always be popular. They're easy to learn and give shy non-dancers a chance to bust a move without feeling self-conscious.

It will bring a lot of fun to your party.


Anniversary Dance

Dance for a wedding anniversary or any important event deserves special attention. This is a great occasion to escape from worries and enjoy each other's company. This dance will refresh your senses and make the dance sensual and effective.

This moment will be one of the most memorable and fantastic parts of your celebration.

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