Summer Dance Programs

Dance, Discover and Grow with WDA!


Flamingo & Magic Unicorn Camps,

Ages 3-6

Little Princess & Ballerina Camps

Ages 6-10

The WDA Kids Training Camp is a fun, exciting yet challenging session geared towards the young dancer who wishes to explore creative movement and expressive dance. Through the use of music, different story ballets and the characters that inhabit many of these favorite ballet classics, ballet movement, and the visual arts (arts and crafts), children will discover, create, and have fun while preparing for a showcases on Friday.


Intermediate Summer Programs

Division 1, 8-11 y.o.

Division 2, 9-13 y.o.

 When dancers have completed their introductory training and have made the decision to continue their studies, they find themselves in the intermediate setting. The importance of the intermediate phase of a dancer's training is often misunderstood. This category is not just a bridge to cross as quickly as possible on the path towards the advanced levels, it is a pivotal part of every dancer's journey laying the foundation and precision in technique that a dancer will build upon for the rest of their studies. At WDA we are so excited to provide the most complete summer dance program to our intermediate dancers of ages 8-13. 


Advanced Summer Intensives

Committed to Quality

Ages 12+

The Advanced Summer Program is for dancers 12 and up who have had previous ballet training. It is a professional level training program for motivated students developed to improve technique, skills and repertoire while building the stamina required in today’s dance world.

The faculty is well rounded - you may enjoy classes in Ballet, Pointe, Variations, Contemporary & Ballroom!


Nothing can stop us

WDA is the premier Ballroom Academy in Brevard for kids, teens and adults to learn the competitive art of DanceSport. We have built the largest team of preteen & junior age groups ballroom dancers in Brevard, giving our kids and adults a place to train, compete, achieve results and perform with showcases. 


Our couples and solo dancers have already won gold, silver & bronze medals at National DanceSport Competitions in Florida & Georgia. 

​With world-renowned professional teachers in-house, we guarantee a world-class quality instruction and learning experience. ​

Whether you seek the best summer training for competition, or long-term investment in your dancing development - WDA International Ballroom & Latin DanceSport Camp is for you! 

We are looking forward to seeing you!


WDA International Standard & Latin Camp!