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What do parents look for when selecting a dance studio for their children?

Your choice of dance school can drastically effect the quality of education your child receives. Additionally, when your child is in capable hands, they will enjoy the process and experience the joy of learning!


We'd like to take this opportunity to point out just a few of the many reasons why We Dance Academies is the best choice for the highest quality dance education in Brevard County.

  • Our Teachers. At WDA we encourage prospective families to compare the qualifications of our instructors to our competitors. It is our strong belief that an instructor is only truly qualified after many years of dedicated training in the arts.WDA offers a team of world-renowned instructors who are directly involved in the day to day hands on training of our students. We do not delegate the important task of fundamental training to student teachers or assistants. Our ballet curriculum adheres to the unique Russian classical ballet technique in the tradition of the esteemed Vaganova method. Our Ballet Artistic Director, Mr. Artem Yachmennikoff, is a graduate of the prestigious Vaganova Academy, Principal Dancer of Dutch National Ballet & San Francisco Ballet, First Soloist of Mariinsky & Bolshoi Theatres. Our ballroom curriculum has been developed by three time World Champion Mrs. Ekaterina Yachmennikoff. She provides ballroom technique training that is on par with the most elite of international ballroom schools. For the coming season, we are so excited to bring such a unique team of teachers together! Combined, our instructors have developed a unique and challenging progressive curriculum that is supplemented with additional opportunities to learn during hand selected conventions & master classes throughout the year.

  • Real World Professional Performance Opportunities. WDA students have the opportunity to share the stage at Brevard's King Center For The Performing Arts with some of the brightest stars of the professional ballet world in full length classical productions. In addition, they have the opportunity to participate in outreach programs and charitable performances in all the styles of dance they study including ballroom, jazz, musical theatre and contemporary. Our students train to compete in national and international ballet, contemporary and ballroom competitions. Our award winning students and their proud families experience the importance and scale of a professional level of performance from an early age.

  • Personalized Attention. WDA boasts spacious clean studios outfitted with professional flooring for the safety of our students and our instructors. We limit class sizes to provide the best learning experience. Smaller class sizes allow our students to receive personalized instruction. We find that students learn best in smaller and more focused classes. Proper technique is critical to a young developing dancer and there is no replacement for the skilled and careful hands on corrections our instructors provide in every class. Please reach out to us so that we can discuss the size of the class your child would be enrolled in. We make very careful decisions about placement levels specifically because we consider this to be paramount to a proper dance education.

  • Wide variety of class times and styles. WDA offer classes six days of the week. Our schedule was created with careful attention to the needs of our students and their parents. We make every effort to provide comprehensive dance training while avoiding excessive or late evening hours so that our families have the time they need for school, for work, and for time spent together outside of the studio.

  • Transparency. Many studios do not permit parents to observe their children while in dance class. WDA recognizes the joy that observing your children brings to our families. We understand that you likely wonder about what happens during class time, what your children are learning, and how they are progressing from week to week. We offer one way parent observation windows and we permit observation at all times during classes. We do not restrict observation to specific days or parts of the year. We are delighted to know that our families take an interest in their child's dance education and we welcome your attention.

  • Professional Administration. WDA always provides a dedicated administrator to answer your questions and provide guidance to our families during our operating hours. Without this dedicated staff member our instructors could not focus fully on the important task of educating your children. Outside of our operating hours we maintain accurate and up to the minute information on our website.  Prompt, professional and helpful customer service will always be our priority. We respect how valuable your time is. 

  •  Locations & Facilities.  WDA Melbourne & WDA Viera are located minutes from I 95 and US 1 with plenty of free parking. WDA Viera is located on Wickham Rd, behind the Carrabbas, Italian Grill in the shopping plaza. The studios are bright, clean, and equipped with professional sprung floating floors. Parents who are new to dance education may not realize how important the construction of a studio's flooring is to the health of their child. Our floors rest on a system of high density foam, designed to absorb shock and protect our student's still developing bodies. The topmost layer of our flooring consists of a vinyl "Marley" type surface, and this is the same flooring system used in studios such as Alvin Ailey and the New York City Ballet. Outfitting our floors with only the highest quality materials ensures that your child is learning in a safe and appropriate environment. Students learn best when they have the proper tools to work with. Parents can rest assured that the health of your child is our first priority.


And what were your reasons when you’ve picked our studio?

World class dance education and instruction right here in Melbourne! Owners/Artistic Directors are World Dance Celebrities in Ballet and Ballroom. I am so impressed with the level of education and training given to our children. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to be trained by the best. Owners are also the artistic directors of Melbourne City Ballet Theatre and our children are given opportunities to dance in world class ballet productions alongside international stars at the King Center for the Performing Arts. Studio staff is extremely friendly, family oriented. I feel my children are not only benefiting from superior dance instruction, but they are learning the important traits of self discipline, motivation and determination, which will help them succeed later in their chosen life path. I highly recommend them.

Jennifer Corcoran

We have only been there for a few classes, but when we walked in we new we where home. Nothing compared to the staff. The students. The teaching is the best I've ever seen. The Parents are friendly. I feel my daughter may have a big future in dance. Thanks for accepting us.

Ericka Haugen

WDA is a beautiful studio with great ballet and ballroom. Mr. Artem is an amazing ballet teacher. He is able to bring the best out of every dancer and knows how to help them grow both artistically and technically. His attention to detail and love of teaching really set him apart from any other teacher I have ever had. He is patient and works with us to get every little detail just right. Melbourne city dance is like a second home to the students there, and is a great option for both serious and recreational dancers.

Danielle Foege

This studio is a blessing to our town. The studio itself is beautiful and very clean. Beautiful windows with natural lighting. The instructors, Mr. Artem and Mrs. Katia, are gifted in their crafts. Mr. Artem is the ballet academy instructor, and he provides the best teaching in the county. His background in dance is helpful for simulating a company. Mrs. Katia is great with little ones and is the best in ballroom around. The studio provides many styles and has great diversity to be a well rounded dancer.

Elizabeth Beattie

Artem Yachmennikoff is the most attentive, detailed, patient instructor I've ever had the privilege to learn from. He teaches our "adult" class with as much dedication as he gives to the younger students, encouraging each of us to continue to develop, regardless of our age. He sees our individual potential, and helps us achieve what he knows we are each capable of. We are all so thankful for him as our ballet master, and so thankful that he and Katia, chose Melbourne!

Kathy Charest

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